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Hot Chip’s live shit is on fire

Posted by keepitcoming on May 15, 2006

While we're impatiently waiting for The Warning to be released (it seems to have leaked so long ago…), here's a treat I found at the bottom of a bin: a Kitsuné promo live recording from Hot Chip's set at the 2004 Transmusicales in Rennes, France. While it's obviously not SBD (that's taper lingo for 'soundboard' I guess), it's still nice to hear and a good start for a week that holds its share of promises…

(© F. Villemin)

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Para One for all and all for Para One

Posted by keepitcoming on May 12, 2006

Para One is a brilliant young French producer from the Institubes posse (TTC, Tacteel, Surkin…) who is about to release his debut album Epiphanie. I really want him to break through with this record, and I don’t want to spoil it, so I thought I’d only post the short opening track, which should be enough to raise your anticipation, along with a quick overview of his work. His Japan-only Daft Punk remix is unbelievably great, and check the “Turtle Trouble” acid trip, a whirlwind of a track that caught my ear back in 2003 and also appears on Epiphanie. 6/6/6 can’t come soon enough!

If you liked this, and you should, I think the Frootylootybootymoviegooniezoonie blog has something extra for you… namely the killer first single off Epiphanie, the storming “Dudun-dun”!

Para One live @ We Love Ellen (© W.Beaucardet)

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Paradise in a garage

Posted by keepitcoming on May 11, 2006

To put it bluntly, Rhino‘s brand new Larry Levan / Paradise Garage 2-disc compilation is even better than A Tom Moulton Mix, which I posted about earlier. That should inform you about its level of greatness, but if you don’t trust me, give a spin to any of the four tracks below, all of which the late LL had a hand in mixing and/or remixing around 1980 before he eventually played them at the club. This is disco in the widest, wildest meaning of the word, the right one imho.

P.S. 30,000 visits in under 4 months is so much more than I ever expected, thanks!

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Midlake is coming along nicely

Posted by keepitcoming on May 10, 2006

While I've been known to jump on bandwagons a bit late, I've been along for the whole ride on this one. It's just that I was waiting to be reasonably close to the devilish release date (06/06/06) to share one or two tracks from one of the most hotly anticipated record of this semester. By now, you'll have figured out that I'm talking about none other than Midlake's The Trials Of Van Occupanther. I've seen tracks popping up left and right, so here are two more YSI links which I'm sure you'll do me the pleasure of making expire very fast…

Preemptive strike: there will be no reposts, and e-mail me if you want them down. Thanks!

  • Midlake "In This Camp" The Trials Of Van Occupanther, 2006
  • Midlake "It Covers The Hillsides" The Trials Of Van Occupanther, 2006

I don't know how that could be, but if you've missed the first two widely leaked tracks, here they are again:

  • Midlake "Roscoe" The Trials Of Van Occupanther, 2006
  • Midlake "Young Bride" The Trials Of Van Occupanther, 2006

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Egoexpress hotwire my heart

Posted by keepitcoming on May 9, 2006

Egoexpress is Hamburg’s Mense Reents and Bernd Siebels. For the Ladomat 2000 imprint, they create a definitely German electronic music, with a touch of indie attitude owing to their past efforts in reconciling guitars and samplers. Their album from last year will soon be re-released with a bonus disc compiling new tracks and remixes, and it’s definitely worth getting for both CDs if you missed it the first time around. The latest one is more suited for home listening, while the former is tailor-made for clubs. Check the monster intro to We Do Wie Du, Boards Of Canada-worthy and recently featured on James Holden’s gargantuan At The Controls mix.

There are other tracks for download at their official site, including the wonderful original version of “Aranda”.

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Dog Days

Posted by keepitcoming on May 5, 2006

I know I featured them already, but since the album is out next Tuesday, I couldn't help but bring them back with two more previews off their debut and the EP that started it all. Enjoy!


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Dancing and crying at the Nervous Cabaret

Posted by keepitcoming on May 4, 2006

Nervous Cabaret is a NY band that allows a good game of “if X met Y with Z”. For instance, “Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan meets The Stray Cats with The Clash”, or “Tom Waits meets Emir Kusturica’s No Smoking Orchestra with Joy Division”, or even “Captain Beefheart meets Mike Patton with Quentin Tarantino”. If that doesn’t make you the least bit curious, I don’t know what will! This came out a while ago, but doesn’t seem to have made much of a splash, so I thought I’d try my luck. Try yours now!

  • Nervous Cabaret “Mel GibsonNervous Cabaret, 2005
  • Nervous Cabaret “TryptychNervous Cabaret, 2005
  • Nervous Cabaret “Ratatat HeartNervous Cabaret, 2005

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Chemical dust fills my being

Posted by keepitcoming on May 3, 2006

Put together by a marketing agency in the Netherlands, this compilation of remixes by Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons (aka The Chemical Brothers) works like Proust's madeleine. Even though the latest remix is not that old (2003), it still takes me back almost ten years, when I first got into electronic music. The Chems were my gateway to many, many things, and for that I'm grateful. I hope you enjoy these remixes, Mercury Rev and especially Sandals being lesser known but very much worth hearing.

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My Robot Friend’s friends

Posted by keepitcoming on May 2, 2006

My Robot Friend could have been imagined by Wayne Coyne ca. Yoshimi, but it’s as “real” as can be… The creation of New York’s Howard Robot, “he’s an elusive and mysterious carbon-based machine. With its neon-glowing torso, combustible body parts, and incendiary music, My Robot Friend has been shocking and exciting audiences with its strange and stimulating live performances” dixit his Discogs page. Out at the end of May on Soma Quality Recordings, Dial 0 is his first album following the Hot Action! debut compilation. Since he came to attention partly through a tribute song called “We’re The Pet Shop Boys”, later covered by the PSB themselves, it was only fair he paid homage to his other heroes, hence the apparition of Antony without the Johnsons and the twisted covers of Luna and Blondie.

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Junior Boys are back by popular demand

Posted by keepitcoming on April 29, 2006

Since this will be a long weekend for me, I thought I’d make it nice for you too… Show your appreciation!

See you on Tuesday!

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