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Fake Oddity, real audity

Posted by keepitcoming on June 2, 2006

I discovered this French band on TV, seeing the same show featuring a mesmerizing live performance broadcast over and over again. The thing was, I could never get their name. At long last, I figured it out (it's Fake Oddity), and now I'm more than happy to share this with you. While the first track is greatly indebted to Jeff Buckley (in a good way), the others stray from this inspiration but remain firmly rooted in rock'n'roll. That makes for a nice change. Have a good week-end!

  • Fake Oddity "Good Man" Pink Strasse, 2005
  • Fake Oddity "Blue Feather" Pink Strasse, 2005
  • Fake Oddity "LSDog" Pink Strasse, 2005

[Buy Fake Oddity]

8 Responses to “Fake Oddity, real audity”

  1. MisterBlog said

    O blogger where art u ?

  2. Buried under a pile o’ work, and without an internet connection at home… Thanks for the interest 🙂

  3. pH said

    More. NOW !

  4. bryan said

    we miss you senor 😦

  5. keep keep it comin’ comin’!

  6. guillaume said


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