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The Chemical Brothers confront their demons

Posted by keepitcoming on May 24, 2006

Since my live Hot Chip promo and Chemical Brothers remixes posts were so successful, and since I won’t be back until next Tuesday, here’s another treat, one you can buy on eBay if you want (not my auction) or get for free here, a promotional DJ mix by The Chemical Brothers. I threw in a few of my favourite B-sides for good measure. Bye!

[Buy The Chemical Brothers]

16 Responses to “The Chemical Brothers confront their demons”

  1. Benje said

    Thankyou ever so much! You have my eternal gratitude for posting Electronic Battle Weapon 7, that song is one of the highlights of their stunning live performances. Actually, I take that back; their live sets don’t really have highlights, they’re just uniformly astounding from start to finish. What makes EBW7 special is that when the distorted voice says “You’re all my children now” they project an enormous scary clown face onto the screen behind them, which is both hilarious and rather disturbing when you’ve taken lots of mind-bending drugs.

  2. dane said

    Any chance you could post these again? Thanks.

  3. Paul said

    yeah any chace of a re-up? cheers!

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  13. Push the button! Go the Chem Bros

  14. Does anyone else have any new chemical brothers stuff?

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