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Never trust a guy who’s never been a punk

Posted by keepitcoming on May 19, 2006

Frenchman Nicolas Kantorowicz is the link between two melting-pot projects, Williams Traffic and Sporto Kantès. Obviously very much influenced by “black music”, both rely heavily on a fusion of genres and eras for an often stunning result. Williams Traffic, which he formed with Frank Williams, is a more laidback affair, leaning towards reggae sounds. Sporto Kantès, where he fights with Benjamin Sportès (geddit?), is rather inspired by soul and funk, to devastating effects: try not to groove to “Lee”!

  • Williams Traffic “7th BaseBrian Dreams, 2006
  • Williams Traffic “Brian DreamsBrian Dreams, 2006
  • Williams Traffic “To Leave YouBrian Dreams, 2006
  • Sporto Kantès “Lee2nd Round, 2004
  • Sporto Kantès “Makaïn Muskil2nd Round, 2004
  • Sporto Kantès “Heart2nd Round, 2004

[Buy Williams Traffic]
[Buy Sporto Kantès]

14 Responses to “Never trust a guy who’s never been a punk”

  1. Papeuss said

    Huge fan of Lee – actually I don’t know if you get the french sado-masoschist talks in the song – and glad to know one of the band member is working in another project. Unfortunately I came too late -links are dead now…

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