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Relax it’s only a phantom ghost

Posted by keepitcoming on May 18, 2006

Thies Mynther and Dirk von Lowtzow are Phantom/Ghost. Have no fear my friends, they are gentle spectres, nicer than Casper. No ball and chain for them, just exquisite delightful pain. Their third album will be out soon on Ladomat 2000, and it caught me by surprise. The theatrical antics are still there, but gone are the danceable rhythms of earlier records. Instead we get what sounds like a demented radio play, and Dirk’s dramatic vocals are perfect for this.

[Buy Phantom/Ghost]

7 Responses to “Relax it’s only a phantom ghost”

  1. andre said

    perfect timing, was looking for more of their work after finding ‘these days’ on another blog. I subsequently posted it on, so check out the comments if you’re interested. thanks again.

  2. dan said

    more phantom/ghost coverage! was excited to see their new album, but the first two tracks (the ones posted here & which i like very much) are so much better than anything else on it – maybe remixes would help.

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