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My Robot Friend’s friends

Posted by keepitcoming on May 2, 2006

My Robot Friend could have been imagined by Wayne Coyne ca. Yoshimi, but it’s as “real” as can be… The creation of New York’s Howard Robot, “he’s an elusive and mysterious carbon-based machine. With its neon-glowing torso, combustible body parts, and incendiary music, My Robot Friend has been shocking and exciting audiences with its strange and stimulating live performances” dixit his Discogs page. Out at the end of May on Soma Quality Recordings, Dial 0 is his first album following the Hot Action! debut compilation. Since he came to attention partly through a tribute song called “We’re The Pet Shop Boys”, later covered by the PSB themselves, it was only fair he paid homage to his other heroes, hence the apparition of Antony without the Johnsons and the twisted covers of Luna and Blondie.

[Buy My Robot Friend]


One Response to “My Robot Friend’s friends”

  1. Abi said

    Awesome, man

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