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Noze knows how to make you dance

Posted by keepitcoming on April 26, 2006

Character-coding is a problem for acts like Nôze, because their real name appears all garbled on or the Hype Machine, so it’s a bit tricky. However, the same can be said about their music, so it may be for the best. Following their lauded Sonar performance, Nicolas Sfintescu and Ezechiel Pailhès just released their second album How To Dance. They could have added a question mark to the title, as their freeform house, both minimalist and hedonist, may be something of a challenge on the dancefloor, but nothing a few drinks can’t help! The tracks I’ve selected for you should see some arms raised and some mouths opened, as the catchy rhythms, freaky vocals and hilarious lyrics work their magic…

[Buy Nôze]


2 Responses to “Noze knows how to make you dance”

  1. Joe said

    Wow thanks! I first heard their ‘Kitchen’ track a while back and loved it, so i’m looking forward to hearing these.
    Seriously, your blog is part of my staple diet now.

  2. Thanks, and don’t worry about your waistline, I make for a light snack.

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