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Round of applause for the death of record

Posted by keepitcoming on April 21, 2006

This slightly provocative slogan is used by self-made man Damien to promote his first album, released last week on Record Makers, a label founded by Air. This could be heard as an album to end all albums, as it is so absurdly magnificent and so magnificently absurd. Check the first and third track if you feel like getting down (sort of), or the second and fourth (shades of Gainsbourg and Air) if you want somebody to get down on you.

I already made a post about Sébastien Tellier, but since I can't believe Sessions is not all over the blogosphere yet, I'll give you a second chance. This was also released on Record Makers, and it must be one of the most arresting things I've heard so far in 2006. To know the details, read my earlier post, otherwise just play that music.

[Buy Damien]
[Buy Sébastien Tellier]


6 Responses to “Round of applause for the death of record”

  1. daniel said

    yousendit links for champ ultime & fresh people don’t work…
    too bad, i really felt like getting down (sort of)

  2. Works fine with me, let me know later or e-mail me…

  3. daniel said

    this is what i get:

    You don’t have permission to access /download/1/DF5904AD110CD876/a9b7595d47465150f4f10a8f90b18dc83e628f07/Damien-ChampUltime.mp3 on this server.

    #2 & 4 worked fine… thanks

  4. I logged out from WordPress and YSI, and it’s working OK. Must be on your/their side. Either try again later, though the tracks may be gone, or e-mail me…

  5. daniel said

    hi keepitcoming
    links worked tonight, which is a relief since i really enjoyed amoureux & vieille folle during the day. gainsbourg + air right on the money.

  6. Joe said

    I really like parts of the Damien tracks, but a lot of ‘Fresh People’ really grate. Maybe it’s a grower.
    The Sébastien Tellier tracks are beautiful. Thanks!

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