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Junior Boys are back in town

Posted by keepitcoming on April 19, 2006

Thanks to the Domino Recording Co. compilation They'll Have To Catch Us First, I am glad to bring you what I believe is the first taster for the upcoming album by Junior Boys, So This Is Goodbye, out August 14th. Following the death of KIN Records founder Nick Kilroy, who had single-handedly discovered and promoted them (even though they had never met), Jeremy Greenspan and Matthew Didemus set to the task of recording the follow-up to the critically-acclaimed Last Exit. You can read about the new record in depth here (first single to be released in the spring will be called "In The Morning"), and you can listen to the JBs' comeback below, including a brand new track, a remix they just did, a recent track from a kids comp, and an unreleased remix of them. Gone are the skittering rhythms, but is the magic still there?

In other JBs news, from the Environ website: "May brings the first new Morgan Geist 12" since 2002: "Most of All" featuring Jeremy Greenspan of Junior Boys!" Sweet!

[Buy Junior Boys]


8 Responses to “Junior Boys are back in town”

  1. barf said

    love the junior boys. like a child is wonderful. thanks!!

  2. Joe said

    Yup can’t wait for the whole of the new album if this track is anything to go by. That MFA remix is great too – thanks!

  3. MisterBlog said

    Thanks, merci, gracias, danke…

  4. edgar said

    you’re amazing for posting “Like A Child” i had all the other tracks. the new album will be amazing. the remix they did for billie holiday is great too.

  5. Brian said

    Please, pretty please, update the expired links. I want these sooo bad. TIA!

  6. lil ricky said

    me too on that one

  7. Enoch said

    Forbearance is no acquittance… Enoch

  8. Chroseus said

    To come off cheap… Chroseus

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