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Love is the re-edited message

Posted by keepitcoming on April 18, 2006

I’ve seen this compilation described as “predictably wonderful”. I don’t know about predictable, as it depends on your musical knowledge of the 70’s New York music scene, but it certainly makes for a wonderful listen. Selected and released by Soul Jazz Records, these two discs pay homage to the re-editing (rather than remixing) work of pioneer Tom Moulton. He is said to have put his hands on more than 4,000 records, ranging from disco to Northern soul via funk and pop. A white guy fascinated by black music, he never was a DJ but knew just what parts of a song would make people dance, and did his best to bring them to the fore. ‘A Tom Moulton Mix’ is a guarantee of quality.

Even though Tom Moulton is not credited on this version, it is as heavily indebted to him as it is to The Salsoul Orchestra’s “Ooh I Love It (Love Break)”.

This blog’s three-month anniversary came and went during the week-end, bringing me my twenty thousandth visit. Nice!

[Buy A Tom Moulton Mix]
[Buy Last Night A DJ Saved My Life]


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