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A skyliner following a chromatic bird

Posted by keepitcoming on April 14, 2006

Sometimes records catch you off guard. This one packs a lot of gentle punch, and it hit my guts last night. What's more, it's French, so it's perfect for a Friday, and it comes with a nice story, as this home-made self-released album is getting more and more attention from the media there, finding its way into the biggest record shops. Saycet is self-described as "electronica mélodique contemplative", which makes sense considering its admitted influences are Björk, Joe Hisaishi, Warp Records and Morr Music. These three tracks will make for a good soundtrack on this cosy extended week-end. 'Til Tuesday!

P.S. You can also hear the influence of Boards Of Canada, who happen to have a new EP out on 6/6/6. There's already a track streaming, which was ripped by one of the chosen lords at We Are The Music Makers. As dark and foreboding as you like…

[Buy Saycet]
[Buy Boards Of Canada]


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