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Junior Boys are back by popular demand

Posted by keepitcoming on April 29, 2006

Since this will be a long weekend for me, I thought I’d make it nice for you too… Show your appreciation!

See you on Tuesday!

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Tacteel blames it on the music

Posted by keepitcoming on April 28, 2006

Tacteel is a brilliant young French producer from the Institubes posse (TTC, Para One, Surkin, Out One…) who just released two noteworthy EPs. With Para One, whose brilliant debut album Epiphanie will be featured here soon, he is FuckALoop, giving devastating live breaks performances and remixing Ellen Allien. But today I focus on his solo work, his productions and his remixes. Here's an overview of the past 30 months, with tracks ranging from booty music to glitch hop. Keep It Coming will be back on Tuesday, so I spoiled you. Enjoy!


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Warped rebirth

Posted by keepitcoming on April 27, 2006

Groundbreaking French animated movie Renaissance is absolutely gorgeous, and so is its soundtrack, which benefits from three exclusive, unreleased quality tracks by Warp Records artists LFO, Plaid and Chris Clark. And without further ado, since I don't have much time, here they are.


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Noze knows how to make you dance

Posted by keepitcoming on April 26, 2006

Character-coding is a problem for acts like Nôze, because their real name appears all garbled on or the Hype Machine, so it’s a bit tricky. However, the same can be said about their music, so it may be for the best. Following their lauded Sonar performance, Nicolas Sfintescu and Ezechiel Pailhès just released their second album How To Dance. They could have added a question mark to the title, as their freeform house, both minimalist and hedonist, may be something of a challenge on the dancefloor, but nothing a few drinks can’t help! The tracks I’ve selected for you should see some arms raised and some mouths opened, as the catchy rhythms, freaky vocals and hilarious lyrics work their magic…

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Mocky fights away the tears

Posted by keepitcoming on April 25, 2006

A member of the White Gloves gang with Gonzales, Jamie Lidell and Feist, Mocky is about to release his third album. Unyielding to fads and hypes, he keeps on doing what he does best, his own brand of hip pop. He may not be the best rapper in the world, but boy got soul. So do his friends who regularly show up on his records, bringing to mind the simple atmosphere of a party jam. Here’s a quick overview of his career, with two samples from his latest work. The Feist collaboration will have you fight away the tears…

Bonus: you can find two other tracks from Navy Brown Blues at the ever-reliable Pardon My Freedom, and here’s an extra remix.

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Shearwater is a seabird

Posted by keepitcoming on April 24, 2006

What’s with seabirds these days? First guillemots, and now this? Even though it started as a side project for Okkervil River‘s Jonathan Meiburg and Will Shelf, Shearwater has begun taking a life of its own. Since their fourth album is released next week, several posts have already been written about it, but I thought they might have passed you by as they did me, so here are three tracks from Palo Santo which enlightened my weekend. The first two mark a departure from their usually Talk Talk and Nick Drake-inspired sound, bringing to mind Talking Heads for instance (no, it’s not a Connells cover you see). The third is a more standard track, with a beautiful crescendo to boot.

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Round of applause for the death of record

Posted by keepitcoming on April 21, 2006

This slightly provocative slogan is used by self-made man Damien to promote his first album, released last week on Record Makers, a label founded by Air. This could be heard as an album to end all albums, as it is so absurdly magnificent and so magnificently absurd. Check the first and third track if you feel like getting down (sort of), or the second and fourth (shades of Gainsbourg and Air) if you want somebody to get down on you.

I already made a post about Sébastien Tellier, but since I can't believe Sessions is not all over the blogosphere yet, I'll give you a second chance. This was also released on Record Makers, and it must be one of the most arresting things I've heard so far in 2006. To know the details, read my earlier post, otherwise just play that music.

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The dog come from the sea

Posted by keepitcoming on April 20, 2006

What’s with the Swedes and Spanish names? First José González, and now El Perro Del Mar! The girl’s called Sarah, and she got the name from a scene that touched her, when she saw a dog coming from the surf as if out of nowhere while she was on holidays on a Spanish island. Even though her first album is released by Memphis Industries (home of The Go! Team and Dungen), it’s a compilation of EP’s and a single she recorded with Jens Lekman for Secretly Canadian. Her production has been likened to that of a “lo-fi Phil Spector”, which is not too far off, and she recently opened for both Calexico and The Concretes. If you like your music gentle and wistful, this is for you.

Hear more here and there.

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Junior Boys are back in town

Posted by keepitcoming on April 19, 2006

Thanks to the Domino Recording Co. compilation They'll Have To Catch Us First, I am glad to bring you what I believe is the first taster for the upcoming album by Junior Boys, So This Is Goodbye, out August 14th. Following the death of KIN Records founder Nick Kilroy, who had single-handedly discovered and promoted them (even though they had never met), Jeremy Greenspan and Matthew Didemus set to the task of recording the follow-up to the critically-acclaimed Last Exit. You can read about the new record in depth here (first single to be released in the spring will be called "In The Morning"), and you can listen to the JBs' comeback below, including a brand new track, a remix they just did, a recent track from a kids comp, and an unreleased remix of them. Gone are the skittering rhythms, but is the magic still there?

In other JBs news, from the Environ website: "May brings the first new Morgan Geist 12" since 2002: "Most of All" featuring Jeremy Greenspan of Junior Boys!" Sweet!

[Buy Junior Boys]

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Love is the re-edited message

Posted by keepitcoming on April 18, 2006

I’ve seen this compilation described as “predictably wonderful”. I don’t know about predictable, as it depends on your musical knowledge of the 70’s New York music scene, but it certainly makes for a wonderful listen. Selected and released by Soul Jazz Records, these two discs pay homage to the re-editing (rather than remixing) work of pioneer Tom Moulton. He is said to have put his hands on more than 4,000 records, ranging from disco to Northern soul via funk and pop. A white guy fascinated by black music, he never was a DJ but knew just what parts of a song would make people dance, and did his best to bring them to the fore. ‘A Tom Moulton Mix’ is a guarantee of quality.

Even though Tom Moulton is not credited on this version, it is as heavily indebted to him as it is to The Salsoul Orchestra’s “Ooh I Love It (Love Break)”.

This blog’s three-month anniversary came and went during the week-end, bringing me my twenty thousandth visit. Nice!

[Buy A Tom Moulton Mix]
[Buy Last Night A DJ Saved My Life]

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