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I wish it could be true

Posted by keepitcoming on March 27, 2006

Sorry 'bout that, but this is gonna be one quick and dirty post! Out April 7th on BPitch Control, Ellen Allien & Apparat's Orchestra Of Bubbles could have been a dream come true, but the collaboration between two stars of the German electronic scene doesn't always deliver. After threatening to cancel it due to widespread piracy early in the game, they've instead recorded two more tracks together to encourage people to buy a legit copy. I know I will, but in the meantime here's my two favorite cuts from the project, one Ellen-sung and the other a progressive instrumental, along with two more vocal tracks off Ellen's Berlinette, because I dig her voice.

  • Ellen Allien & Apparat "Way Out" Orchestra Of Bubbles, 2006
  • Ellen Allien & Apparat "Jet" Orchestra Of Bubbles, 2006
  • Ellen Allien "Alles Sehen" Berlinette, 2003
  • Ellen Allien "Wish" Berlinette, 2003

EDIT: the official site for the project just opened, and you can also download "Do Not Break" there.

[Buy Orchestra Of Bubbles]


3 Responses to “I wish it could be true”

  1. […] I wish it could be true […]

  2. i saw them live recently and they were great. here’s my blog post about it:

  3. how long does qmb pay medicare

    gratuitous appreciated Marxism Dwight mat Rockies

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