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Changes happening all over the place

Posted by keepitcoming on March 24, 2006

I was tempted to do a non-French Friday post, but I was informed that the Booka Shade album has been pushed back a few weeks, so here we are with Sourya. Don’t be fooled by the website, they’re a French band, one of the best within the new batch of youth acts rocking the nation’s capital. What sets them apart from the Doherty-worshipping Second Sex, The Naast or The Plasticines is their use of electronic sounds in a rock setting. They just released their first EP which you can sample below, with accent.

In keeping with this week’s Swayzak post and the ongoing French Friday theme, here are a few Tahiti 80 remixes, just for the kick. The Cornelius one just slays me with its banjo, while Sean O’Hagan reminds us what the High Llamas sound(ed?) like…

[Buy Sourya]
[Buy Tahiti 80]


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