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Time has come for the psychedelic soulmen

Posted by keepitcoming on March 23, 2006

Every time I heard this track by The Chambers Brothers on Optimo‘s Psyche Out mix, I was rather intrigued by its blend of Jagger swagger, uplifting soul and 60’s psychedelia. When it played during one of my record shopping sessions, I decided to investigate, and here are the results: three versions of the song, to give you the full effect. The first one is the most famous, effectively condensed under 5 minutes for the radio. The second one is its former, shorter, tamer incarnation, a sign of things to come. The third one is the original album track, an 11-minute behemoth with a trippy-as-hell extended breakdown. Let’s dance and freak!

[Buy The Chambers Brothers]


One Response to “Time has come for the psychedelic soulmen”

  1. squareroot said

    could you repost? pretty please? or squareroot@ ? thankyou! x

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