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This is the Heartbreak House

Posted by keepitcoming on March 20, 2006

Its maker has us forewarned. From his site: “[It’s] heartbreak house from the new FUN2 compilation. We call it downlifting. Hankies at the ready.” The voice that will bring tears to your eyes is that of former GusGus singer Hafdis Huld, who had already wrenched my heart from my chest ten years ago (how time flies) with that track from the Icelandic collective’s first album. The groove that will make you move is brought to you by Scotland’s Ewan Pearson, producer of the new Rapture album and remixer extraordinaire for Goldfrapp among others. Crying at a Berlin discotheque has never felt this good.

[Buy F.U.N. II]


8 Responses to “This is the Heartbreak House”

  1. Danke said

    Ewan Pearson’s not actually from Scotland. He has had a long relationship with Glasgow’s fine Soma label but he’s originally from the midlands. He now lives in Berlin.

  2. tomas said

    thanks so much

  3. Danke, thanks for the insight. Now I have to figure where the midlands are… Tomas, glad you like this.

  4. indy_skies said

    kidderminster to be precise 😉

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