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Ze return of M83 part 2

Posted by keepitcoming on March 19, 2006

By popular demand, here’s a repeat of my two M83 posts to tide you over until Monday. The first one is available since yesterday.

My previous post about M83 remixes was one of my most successful (it’s all relative, folks), I decided to have another go at it, this time with their B-sides, beginning with their last two singles. The America EP is damn near impossible to find now, so I’m posting it almost whole, including the at-the-time vinyl-only title-track for their 2003 record. The last track was recorded live at a festival in the South of France. They’re mostly on the quiet side, but of course worth hearing.

[Buy M83]


3 Responses to “Ze return of M83 part 2”

  1. Jesse said

    One good turn deserves another… Jesse

  2. Roman said

    An apple a day keeps the doctor away… Roman

  3. Kev said

    Looking for “Clouds Are Leasing” and “Addicted To Self Mutilation”, know where I can find these? Thanks Keepitcoming.

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