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Not the Holden you think

Posted by keepitcoming on March 17, 2006

Holden is some sort of curiosity in the French musical landscape. Their own brand of subtly disenchanted pop has no equivalent, yet they went and got Uwe Schmidt, he of the many identities (Señor Coconut, Atom Heart, Flanger, Erik Satin…), to produce their last two records, in Chile. The result is of course nothing short of stunning, if you’re into that kind of thing. I still think they’ll have a hard time ever topping Pedrolira (picking two songs in it was a heartbreaker), but the recent Chevrotine is worth its salt in the wound.

Since I can’t get enough of Armelle’s voice, here’s some more over Pier Bucci‘s minimal techno.

This post, which also celebrates my 10,000th visit in just two months and about 50 posts, is dedicated to the girl who turned me to Holden.

[Buy Holden]
[Buy Pier Bucci]


7 Responses to “Not the Holden you think”

  1. MisterBlog said

    Other beautiful works featuring Armelle’s voice : the ones on Icalma album and the magnificent track “A tort ou à raison” on the Presence’s lp “Musmumms”.

  2. Thanks, I was aware of the first one but not of the second. I shall seek them both.

  3. Guuzbourg said

    Thanks for the older Holden-tracks, I love Armelle’s voice as well. Did not know she worked with Pier Bucci. Nice tracks too.

  4. Peedj said

    “A tort ou à raison” on the Presence’s ” it’s not Presence but “Prudence”

    look at that:

    Holden rules

  5. roanospa said

    Can you upload again “La mouvance”
    or send it to my mail

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