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Trans Canada Highway

Posted by keepitcoming on March 16, 2006

In typical Boards Of Canada style, the Scottish duo will release on 6/6/6 an EP called Trans Canada Highway (WAP200), which shares the same initials as their latest full-length The Campfire Headphase and seems to expand on its road-trip feeling, nod to Kraftwerk aside. The tracklisting is after the jump, including four new tracks and a long-rumoured Odd Nosdam remix, but make sure to go over to the Music 70 site to listen to the menacing loop that may or may not announce a return to the dark side…

  1. “Dayvan Cowboy”
  2. “Left Side Drive”
  3. “Heard From Telegraph Lines”
  4. “Skyliner”
  5. “Under The Coke Sign”
  6. “Dayvan Cowboy (Odd Nosdam Remix)”

2 Responses to “Trans Canada Highway”

  1. […] P.S. You can also hear the influence of Boards Of Canada, who happen to have a new EP out on 6/6/6. There's already a track streaming, which was ripped by one of the chosen lords at We Are The Music Makers. As dark and foreboding as you like… […]

  2. Fulk said

    Don’t cross the bridges before you come to them… Fulk

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