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From Matthew Lidell to Jamie Herbert

Posted by keepitcoming on March 16, 2006

From Matthew Herbert to Jamie Lidell in three easy steps and three great tracks (plus a bonus).

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3


[Buy Matthew Herbert]
[Buy Jamie Lidell]


5 Responses to “From Matthew Lidell to Jamie Herbert”

  1. These are great! Bodily Functions was one of my albums of 2001. And that Herbert version of Music will not Last is very fine. What album’s it on?

  2. dylan said

    Fantastic, thanks! Jamie Lidell’s album was on my top for 2005, and the Herbert stuff rocks.

    You should check out Roisin Murphy – Herbert produced her last album, and it happens to be on my top 2005 list as well.

  3. Glad you like this! In fact it’s the other way around: it’s Jamie Lidell who remixed “The Audience” as “Music No Last” and then used his own remix as a basis for his album track “Music Will Not Last”. The remix can be found on a 12″ or on the !K7150 compilation.

  4. Thanks Dylan, I was aware of the Roisin Murphy album, great stuff. Herbert’s upcoming Scales is damn good too.

  5. Guuzbourg said

    Do you have Deep Ellum, by Lo-Fidelity AllStars and Jamie Lidell? Great song too!

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