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Everybody’s dancing, everybody’s listening to Roots Manuva

Posted by keepitcoming on March 15, 2006

If only Roots Manuva (real name Rodney Smith) were American instead of English, he’d surely get much more recognition in the world of hip hop, which he deserves both as a producer and as an MC. This week he released a new album, Alternately Deep. Despite the misleading title and the fact it was spawned by the same sessions as last year’s brilliant Awfully Deep, it’s a record that stands on its own, as shown by the refreshing first track below. To give you a context, instead of sampling his own work, I thought I’d showcase some of his many collaborations, thus highlighting just how amazing his flow is, be it over banghra tablas, dancehall rhythms, electro beats, sweeping soundtracks… This has better be played loud.

[Buy Roots Manuva]


One Response to “Everybody’s dancing, everybody’s listening to Roots Manuva”

  1. nice one-also check out this fine Roots Manuva tune:

    and, from Border Crossing, a tribute to Roots Manuva;


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