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Tango Conscience

Posted by keepitcoming on March 10, 2006

This already is my third Gotan Project post in barely two months, but they deserve it. Their second album Lunático is that good (see the tracklisting here), plus they also school us on the whole history of tango, its African origins and its rural leanings, which is muy interesante. It’s coming out a month from now, but you can already sample it via the two tracks below. They stand at each end of this record’s spectrum, and what’s in between will provide hours of listening pleasure. “Porteño” means “from Buenos Aires”, and this melancholy love song features the vocal stylings of Cristina Villalonga. She takes a backseat to a speech synthetizer on the next track, a stunning example of innovation meets tradition.

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2 Responses to “Tango Conscience”

  1. This is sounding great! I was just listning to the first album and the DJ mix CD last night. So great to hear the new stuff now! Have you seen their live show?

  2. Glad you like this! I’ve only seen the live DVD they released last year, but I plan on seeing them during the next tour…

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