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Gainsbourg Revisited Remixed Exclusive

Posted by keepitcoming on March 9, 2006

This day last week, the 15th anniversary of Serge Gainsbourg‘s death made a lot of headlines, offline and online. The Monsieur Gainsbourg Revisited tribute got a lot of exposure, and rightly so. There are a few stinkers on it (I’m looking at you Brian Molko), but it’s a must-have if only for the first somewhat-new-and-decent Portishead track in years. It doesn’t hurt either that there’s some hot Feist/Gonzales/VV action going on. To top it off, I added an exclusive Faultline remix of the Marianne Faithfull & Sly and Robbie contribution, not available on the general release. Here’s to Serge!

[Buy Serge Gainsbourg]


9 Responses to “Gainsbourg Revisited Remixed Exclusive”

  1. supergurg said

    thanks heaps for the new Portishead tune – ive been waiting to hear more music from those guys for many many years now!


  2. Great track. You guys are # 1 on hype machine right now.

  3. Thanks, I didn’t know that!

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