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Ursula 1000 is a man!

Posted by keepitcoming on March 8, 2006

Defying macho latino clichés, Alex Gimeno picked a female moniker for his musical musings: Ursula 1000. He found shelter in the Eighteenth Street Lounge, Thievery Corporation’s Washington D.C.-based label. On March 21st, Ursula 1000 follows up on two albums and two DJ-mixes with Here Comes Tomorrow, “exploring a mind meld of jazz, electro, latin, swing, ska, bossa nova, hip hop, psychedelia and glam rock”. This might prove too much for one man, so he gets a little help from his friends… Here, it’s the legendary 80’s icon Cristina of Zé Records fame lending her voice to a stomping, rocking number, while Venezuelan dance band Los Amigos Invisibles contributes to “a mix of Latin Jam with Big Beat and Funk”. Oo-wee!

[Buy Ursula 1000]


3 Responses to “Ursula 1000 is a man!”

  1. Mad Perc said

    Ahhh. Saw Amigos in concert yesterday, and your post totally hits the spot.
    Actually, your site pretty much hits the spot.
    Thanks. 😀

  2. Thanks, glad you appreciate it.

  3. […] You can find those tracks here. […]

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