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We are ze children of tomorrow

Posted by keepitcoming on March 3, 2006

Last Friday’s post about M83 remixes was one of my most successful (it’s all relative, folks), so I decided to have another go at it, this time with their B-sides, beginning with their last two singles. The America EP is damn near impossible to find now, so I’m posting it almost whole, including the at-the-time vinyl-only title-track for their 2003 record. The last track was recorded live at a festival in the South of France. They’re mostly on the quiet side, but of course worth hearing.

[Buy M83]


32 Responses to “We are ze children of tomorrow”

  1. kidhell said

    they’re gone… could you repost again, please? thanks

  2. Maybe another time…

  3. Anzil said

    Please I beg, could you post them all again!…PLEASE?

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