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Lady (Loizeau) and (Andrew) Bird

Posted by keepitcoming on March 1, 2006

This duet was meant to be. Andrew Bird singing (in French!) and playing with his feminine namesake Emily Loizeau (l’oiseau means the bird) was just unavoidable. Emily is the first local artist signed to Paris label Fargo Records, home to Clem Snide, Great Lake Swimmers, Christian Kjellvander… She came to their attention while asking if Andrew Bird would play on her self-produced record. They asked for a demo, and the rest as they say is history. Centered around piano and vocals, Emily’s style is anchored in a very personal universe, with nods to Michel Legrand or Randy Newman. L’autre bout du monde (the other end of the world) was just released in France, and you can also check the 6-track EP La folie en tête.

[Buy Emily Loizeau]


45 Responses to “Lady (Loizeau) and (Andrew) Bird”

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