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Paris Connexion

Posted by keepitcoming on March 31, 2006

I don't know what to say other than the [T]ékël record on Initial Cuts is the album of the year so far. They took everything that was good about their floor-filling 12" and made it even better in a LP format, working with Chloé and Cosmo Vitelli. That means shorter tracks (sometimes) and voices (just enough). It just begged to go wrong, yet it surpasses all expectations. Until May 5th, check the two excerpts below to hear what I mean. I don't know if the forthcoming Justice album will be as good, but their re-released/beefed-up EP also brings the heat with this booty bass remix courtesy of DJ Funk. Finally, I leave you with the originator, Laurent Garnier, to whom Julien Briffaz, Loïc Le Guillou, Xavier de Rosnay and Gaspard Auger's crunchy sound seems slightly indebted when you listen to his two landmark singles.

Keep It Coming goes on holiday, special posting is on next week, see you on April 10th!

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Cruel grounds leak truths never found

Posted by keepitcoming on March 30, 2006

I never delved into Calexico lyrics, and maybe I just had a really bad day, but reading what they wrote for their new opus, out soon, I thought they were pretty good. Musically, they’ve obviously taken cues from Sam Beam, such as leaving the drumkit alone sometimes, but that wasn’t the main draw for me. The songs I selected, the album’s opener and closer, are quite energetic, far from Iron & Wine‘s subdued style, which isn’t to say they are not emotional. The latter builds a crescendo around Joey Burns’ wistful voice and John Convertino’s drumming before unleashing a surprising wall of sound, while the former is a deceivingly upbeat number with just enough trumpet to keep things interesting.

[Buy Calexico]

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More time auf der Autobahn

Posted by keepitcoming on March 29, 2006

I'm not fluent in Czech, but the title of Schneider TM's new record (out April 24th on City Slang) apparently means "not worth mentioning". I won't let that prevent me from posting about it. Škoda Mluvit is the third album by Dirk Dresselhaus under his indietronica guise. I was floored by his previous effort (you have got to hear "Reality Check"), so I was thrilled to hear what he would come up with. The jury's still out on this mixed bag, but the motorik Kraftwerkian opener (a KPT.Michi.Gan collaboration) and the more straightforward cut posted here will give you an idea of what (not) to expect. The last track is a cover of "There Is The Light That Never Goes Out" which makes me so happy in my hollow tin chest…

[Buy Schneider TM]

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Pardon his freedom

Posted by keepitcoming on March 28, 2006

I thought I’d post about a blog you all should check out: Pardon My Freedom by MisterBlog. Not only does it have a cool name, not only is it bilingual, not only does it send me lots of visitors everyday, it also features the freshest sounds since July 2005. For instance, today I learned that Jamie Lidell will release a companion album to the marvelous Multiply, to be called Multiply Additions. Since there’s no info about this on his website or at Warp Records, I’m pretty sure this blog was the only place to read about that and to listen to smokin’ hot remixes by Freeform Five (“When I Come Back Around”) and Four Tet (“The City”)! Keep it coming.

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Dennis, the boy who ran away from the mystery jets

Posted by keepitcoming on March 28, 2006

OK, this is a shitty title, but here’s some good music to make it up to you. Mystery Jets have finally released their debut album in the UK at the beginning of March on 679 Recordings. It’s everything it’s made up to be and even more, but don’t quote me on that one. The album version of “Dennis” adds a nice little intro, while the Justice remix is uncharacteristically restrained. Otherwise, on their latest single, Riton is his usual naughty self, fucking with “The Boy” just as he should. Tomorrow, we’re driving to Germany…

[Buy Mystery Jets]

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I wish it could be true

Posted by keepitcoming on March 27, 2006

Sorry 'bout that, but this is gonna be one quick and dirty post! Out April 7th on BPitch Control, Ellen Allien & Apparat's Orchestra Of Bubbles could have been a dream come true, but the collaboration between two stars of the German electronic scene doesn't always deliver. After threatening to cancel it due to widespread piracy early in the game, they've instead recorded two more tracks together to encourage people to buy a legit copy. I know I will, but in the meantime here's my two favorite cuts from the project, one Ellen-sung and the other a progressive instrumental, along with two more vocal tracks off Ellen's Berlinette, because I dig her voice.

  • Ellen Allien & Apparat "Way Out" Orchestra Of Bubbles, 2006
  • Ellen Allien & Apparat "Jet" Orchestra Of Bubbles, 2006
  • Ellen Allien "Alles Sehen" Berlinette, 2003
  • Ellen Allien "Wish" Berlinette, 2003

EDIT: the official site for the project just opened, and you can also download "Do Not Break" there.

[Buy Orchestra Of Bubbles]

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Don’t look back #3

Posted by keepitcoming on March 25, 2006

Following the advice of the good people on the forum, I decided to launch a weekly recap post. That way, you all get one more chance to check out the music before the YSI links expire… This week we had:

See you on Monday!

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Changes happening all over the place

Posted by keepitcoming on March 24, 2006

I was tempted to do a non-French Friday post, but I was informed that the Booka Shade album has been pushed back a few weeks, so here we are with Sourya. Don’t be fooled by the website, they’re a French band, one of the best within the new batch of youth acts rocking the nation’s capital. What sets them apart from the Doherty-worshipping Second Sex, The Naast or The Plasticines is their use of electronic sounds in a rock setting. They just released their first EP which you can sample below, with accent.

In keeping with this week’s Swayzak post and the ongoing French Friday theme, here are a few Tahiti 80 remixes, just for the kick. The Cornelius one just slays me with its banjo, while Sean O’Hagan reminds us what the High Llamas sound(ed?) like…

[Buy Sourya]
[Buy Tahiti 80]

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Time has come for the psychedelic soulmen

Posted by keepitcoming on March 23, 2006

Every time I heard this track by The Chambers Brothers on Optimo‘s Psyche Out mix, I was rather intrigued by its blend of Jagger swagger, uplifting soul and 60’s psychedelia. When it played during one of my record shopping sessions, I decided to investigate, and here are the results: three versions of the song, to give you the full effect. The first one is the most famous, effectively condensed under 5 minutes for the radio. The second one is its former, shorter, tamer incarnation, a sign of things to come. The third one is the original album track, an 11-minute behemoth with a trippy-as-hell extended breakdown. Let’s dance and freak!

[Buy The Chambers Brothers]

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Swayzak keep it coming

Posted by keepitcoming on March 22, 2006

Swayzak are probably my favorite electronic act, hence the name of this blog. From streamlined techno to smoky dub to icy electro, their music has been consistently inspiring for the better part of a decade, and I find them almost impossible to fault. Their latest release on !K7 is a remixes and rarities collection (with tracklisting errors on the first CD), on par with their elegant body of work. The title, which already appeared in their first album’s booklet (see below), is a nod to their loose production schedule. Here I focused on their more fluid and danceable efforts, which also does the trick when it comes to an autobahn nightdrive.


[Buy Swayzak]

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