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Gotan Project – Lunático

Posted by keepitcoming on February 28, 2006

As a follow-up to my January 30th Gotan Project post, here’s the tracklisting to Lunático (an hommage to the late great king of tango Carlos Gardel), released April 10th. We all know Calexico, but it looks like Juan Carlos Caceres is an Argentinian tango legend living in Paris, Koxmoz is a hot hip hop collective from Argentina, and Jimi Santos is a somewhat forgotten South-American guitarist. I can’t wait! (click to see the tracklist)

    1. “Amor Porteño (feat. Calexico)”
    2. “Notas (feat. Juan Carlos Caceres)”
    3. “Diferente”
    4. “Celos”
    5. “Lunático”
    6. “Mi Confesión (feat. Koxmoz)”
    7. “Tango Canción”
    8. “La Viguela”
    9. “Criminal”
    10. “Arrabal”
    11. “Domingo (feat. Jimi Santos)”
    12. “Paris, Texas”

      [Visit Gotan Project]


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