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Supernature Supersized

Posted by keepitcoming on February 27, 2006

With Goldfrapp‘s third studio album Supernature due out in the US next week, I thought the timing was right to look back on the remixes made widely available since the European release in August 2005. The most recent, as its name indicates, is a 15-minute modern take on leftfield disco courtesy of Scotland’s by way of Germany Ewan Pearson. Frantically sought-after when it was originally released as an extremely limited one-sided 12″, the DFA remix shies away from their blueprint, though its 12 minutes do contain a healthy helping of cowbell. Frenchmen Braxe & Falke pull a Lil’ Louis on us and sloooowwww down the shiny-synthy track midway, while the Schwarz Bros. do their deeply dark and danceable thing. Enjoy!

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10 Responses to “Supernature Supersized”

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  2. Maybe another time…

  3. tomas said

    ok, thanks anyways

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