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Coldcut’s Hottracks

Posted by keepitcoming on February 20, 2006

The word “pioneers” has been abused to death, but it’s what Jonathan More and Matt Black truly were as Coldcut in the 80’s. Their sound collages paved the way for many other acts while they got busy with their own label, Ninja Tune. Now, nearly ten years after Let Us Play!, they’re back with a record which feels out of time. It could have been recorded 5 years ago, it could be recorded in 5 years. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, as shown by the two tracks that get the most airplay back to mine. Robert Owens’ chill-inducing contribution is on par with his pedigree, and Andrew Broder (aka Fog) allows us to imagine what Thom Yorke would sound like over a Coldcut sounbed.

For more Coldcut goodness, visit Girlpants and 3hive.

[Buy Coldcut]
[Buy Fog]
[Buy Eric B & Rakim]


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