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He Is Master

Posted by keepitcoming on February 13, 2006

Algeria used to be an extension of France, so that’s where Germany’s Rajko Müller aka Isolée picked up his French vocabulary. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more suitable name for his project, as his music does indeed manage to stand out in a crowded aural environment. Hot on the heels of last year’s highly praised We Are Monster (one of my 2005 favorites, you must hear “Schrapnell”), Playhouse is releasing Western Store, a compilation of his rarer 12-inchers. It also includes the mammoth two-part, ten-minute Freeform Reform of “Beau Mot Plage”, presented here in its edited form along with the classic original.

[Buy Isolée]


One Response to “He Is Master”

  1. Haldan said

    Nice new look, what did I beat you to? were you going to do Justice themed post? Anything I didnt post that you would have? h

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