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No one can tell, damned if I do

Posted by keepitcoming on February 10, 2006

Released on Air’s Record Makers label to little acclaim in early 2004, Politics keeps on disclosing its greatness. It may have to do with Sébastien Tellier‘s erratic behaviour. This guy is some kind of genius (he’s got a beard after all), the heir apparent to Robert Wyatt and Serge Gainsbourg. Last Christmas, he went into the studio for one day with pianist Simon Dalmais and emerged with Sessions (out now on iTunes, March 28th in stores). Its ten stripped-down tracks draw equally from his two LPs, along with a Christophe cover and an unreleased instrumental. The result exceeds all expectations, and song of the millenium “La ritournelle” gets the treatment, of course.

Track by track:

  • Pure aural bliss when the vocal drops… with a twist.
  • Buy Politics for the full version, you cheapskates!
  • Adds sleigh bells and not much else, but makes a difference.
  • Meandering riverside instrumental, Tellier-style.

[Buy Sessions on iTunes]
[Buy Sébastien Tellier]
[Buy été d’Amour]


One Response to “No one can tell, damned if I do”

  1. Casey said

    Like the site – you should check out ezarchive for cheap hosting – it’s sometimes unreliable for the uploading process, but I don’t think there’s a cheaper alternative. I think most mp3 bloggers are using it now (which, ironically, is why it’s sometimes unreliable – they weren’t expecting that much traffic).

    Yikes, this is Casey from Mocking Music, and not some ezarchive PR guy . . .

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