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Posted by keepitcoming on February 9, 2006

Prefuse 73 is the better known glitch-hop project of Guillermo Scott Herren, and a 40-minute mini-album just came out on Warp Records (with whom he apparently disagrees about the future of folk alias Savath y Savalas). Dedicated to the hassle imposed by airport personnel and by the Warp crew, Security Screenings was born during the making of last year’s disappointing Surrounded By Silence. It’s an odds-and-ends collection, including unsollicited guest spots by Mobb Deep’s Prodigy and the majestic Robert Wyatt (the latter featured below), but it marks a return to form. For your listening pleasure, I added a few rarer tracks of his.

[Buy Prefuse 73]
[Buy OMR]
[Buy Gooom]

Thanks to Stuart at Between The Click Of The Light And The Start Of The Dream (nice Arcade Fire reference) for linking to me, and welcome to all of you!


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