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The #1 song in Azerbaidjan

Posted by keepitcoming on February 7, 2006

Back in 2004, Vincent Cassel had a part in Ocean’s 12. He suggested that Steven Soderbergh use some music by a friend of his (from short film collective Kourtrajmé) as a soundbed to one of the heists, and he got his wish. Fast forward to the movie being bootlegged in Eastern Europe, and people going crazy over that very track. For obscure reasons, it does not appear on the soundtrack CD, so a crafty guy rips it from the DVD, releases it under his own name and goes to #1.

The friend was Nikkfurie, and together with Hitekk they are La caution. This French hip hop duo is close-knit with the whole Institubes scene (TTC, ParaOne, Tacteel…), and they also worked with Château Flight (Gilb’r and I:Cube of Versatile fame). They just pulled a semi-OutKast and released a double-album chock full of goodness, which you can now sample here, either in full oriental or digital mode.

  • La caution “Thé à la menthePeines de Maures, 2005
  • La caution “ArcadeArc-en-ciel pour Daltoniens, 2005

[Buy La caution]


2 Responses to “The #1 song in Azerbaidjan”

  1. Eric said

    This is such an awesome song!

  2. Glad you like it, thanks for commenting.

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