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Beast-y Boys

Posted by keepitcoming on February 6, 2006

In 4 weeks’ time, Mogwai will release their fifth studio album, Mr. Beast. It may just be the best thing these Scots have committed to tape (even better than Loveless according to Alan McGee), as they’ve been perfecting their genre and sound for over 10 years now. This record has already been talked about and several cuts have been posted (including B-sides to the first single “Friend Of The Night” at I Guess I’m Floating), but this one I like a lot, as it’s the closest they’ve ever gotten to an actual song, with intelligible lyrics and a full-fledged chorus.

Incidentally, I recently happened upon the Australian single for “My Father My King”, their 20-minute non-album track. Based on an ancient Jewish melody the legendary Arthur Baker taught them, it is just as devastating as its title and length suggest.

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One Response to “Beast-y Boys”

  1. rachael said

    i have that too!

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