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Under an ink-black sky

Posted by keepitcoming on February 3, 2006

When alone in his studio, Yann Tambour is Encre. There, he assembles electro-acoustic compositions he sometimes juxtaposes with his raspy voice and raw lyrics, recording them for the Clapping Music label. Later on, together with his touring band, he rewrites them for the stage, setting them free. This is what Common Chord is all about, gathering a VPRO session from April 2004 and a performance at Oblique Lu Nights in 2002. Here’s a little live/original comparison.

Yann also has a new solo project, 100% acoustic this time, called Thee, Stranded Horse (merci à David F). It’s just him and a kora, and it was announced by that Encre B-side which title is an hommage to the great master of this Malian instrument.

Encre’s label is part of AS Corpus with Active Suspension, and together they released a compilation called… Active Suspension vs. Clapping Music (including a crazy 11-minute clicks’n’cuts cover of Wilco’s “She’s A Jar”). Here’s his gorgeous contribution, against his live cellist.

[Buy Encre]


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