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Featuring Feist (part 2)

Posted by keepitcoming on February 1, 2006

Yesterday I posted three groovy tracks sporting Leslie’s lovely voice, and now is the time for some “Feist vs France” action. Feist relocated to Paris in late 2003, and even though she’s away on tour most of the time (a live album is rumoured), she found the time to work with French artists (and with Massive Attack!). Here are three of her collaborations, but she’s also featured on Readymade FC‘s latest album Babilonia for instance.

Tune in tomorrow for part 3 (or not).

[Buy Feist]
[Buy Arthur H]
[Buy Jane Birkin]
[Buy Albin de la Simone]


2 Responses to “Featuring Feist (part 2)”

  1. Haldan said

    Hi, thanks for letting me know about the hotlinking going on on the Diplo YYYs track… I’ve renamed that one like four times already… people are wack. Anyways WHAT IS THE STORY WITH MASSIVE ATTACK AND FEIST?!!! MA is like my favorite group of all time, and i’ve been digging feist for a while now… but seriously where did you hear that? whats the story?

    ps i like you blog a lot, we should exchange links.


  2. I read about Feist and MA here. It’d be my pleasure to exchange links!

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