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Featuring Feist (part 1)

Posted by keepitcoming on January 31, 2006

It’s almost two years to the day since I had the chance to sit down with Feist, and I still haven’t gotten over her. Back then, her record was still called Mushaboom and the running order was still being worked out, but I fell for it all the same. Now, countless posts have been written about her, but I thought I could add some to the heap, featuring tracks where she features. Here are some of her more bouncy contributions, with other kinds to follow in part 2 and maybe 3.

EDIT: I must point you to three excellent Feist remixes over at The Rich Girls are Weeping.

[Buy Feist]
[Buy Hypno Love]
[Buy Mocky]
[Buy The New Deal]


3 Responses to “Featuring Feist (part 1)”

  1. Jay Karr said

    holy crap… i came to late to this game (yousendit expired). i saw feist here in chicago at the park west last week or so. the third time seeing her in 6 months. i’m hooked. i need this stuff, and any more you can dig up, to feed my obsession.

  2. E-mail me (address in the “About me” section), I’ll see what I can do.

  3. bob said

    totally agree

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