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Etoile Académie

Posted by keepitcoming on January 27, 2006

Who knew French real-TV programs could reveal some bona fide artists? Granted, these two may not suit everyone’s tastes, but I think they have that little something extra which sets them apart from the rest. Nolwenn Leroy got help from delicate songcrafter Laurent Voulzy and irresistible lyricist Alain Souchon on her second album, which resulted in this guilty pleasure of mine (listen to her fuck up at 3’26” or name-drop Jack Kerouac AND Bridget Jones), all 80’s radio pop meets pseudo-Enya vibes meets angelic choirs.

I was turned on to her by my brother, who also fell for another of these former wannabe stars. Here’s what he has to say about Olivia Ruiz: “Olivia Ruiz’s cute broken timbre of a voice finds an appropriate playground with “La petite voleuse”. Her tone fits perfectly its malicious character when singing the chorus: The little thief has only one law, what’s yours is mine. I would love to be her victim!”.

[Buy Nolwenn Leroy]
[Buy Olivia Ruiz]


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