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Thirteen, now a number that saved you

Posted by keepitcoming on January 23, 2006

According to the BBC, “13 (Tzameti) is the debut film by Georgian-French filmmaker Géla Babluani, which won him the best debut award at the Venice film festival. It’s a pretty impressive debut, shot in atmospheric black and white and it’s a pleasingly tense thriller, which for a considerable time changes into a bit of a white knuckle ride.” I haven’t seen it yet, but I’ve heard its soundtrack which was composed by one half of Troublemakers under the pseudonym of East. If the pictures are on par with the music, this will be one hell of a film!

The second track reminded me of one piece of work that really surprised me last year, Maxence Cyrin’s Modern Rhapsodies. Published on Laurent Garnier’s F Communications label, this is a collection of solo piano performances of electronic music’s greatest hits. I know the concept sounds a little fishy, but just listen to these two excerpts, originally by Depeche Mode and Aphex Twin, and you’ll be won over.

[Buy East]
[Buy Maxence Cyrin]


One Response to “Thirteen, now a number that saved you”

  1. chris said

    do you know the name of the piano-song that is played in the end of this movie, and by the large fellow on piano in the middle of the film.
    its not included on the soundtrack.

    regards chris.

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