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Eurocrunk is so hot right now!

Posted by keepitcoming on January 20, 2006

Simultaneously akin to grime, 8-bit and crunk, this peculiar blend is a many-headed beast. Three of its best representatives are gathered here today. From Germany, Modeselektor (BPitch Control). From Sweden, Stacs Of Stamina (Werk). From France, TTC (Big Dada). It’s a small, small world.

This track is evidence of eurocrunk’s dancefloor appeal. It’s so unstoppable that you don’t even have time to feel sorry for the chopped & screwed TTC. And Pitchfork gave them an 8.3.

Modeselektor “Dancingbox (feat. TTC)Hello Mom!, 2005

More fuck-upery from both sides, resulting in a bleep-and-nonsense-fest that’s hard to resist. Give me a fish, I say.

Stacs Of Stamina “Donne-moi un poisson (feat. TTC)Tivoli, 2005

As a bonus, here’s a guest-laden version of TTC’s biggest hit so far, their interpolation of “In Da Club” as seen from Paris, originally featured on the brilliant Bâtards sensibles. [Edit] You can find the original version at the ever-excellent Said the Gramophone.

TTC “Dans le club (All-Star Remix feat. Para One, Cyanure, Nikkfurie et Gérard Baste)“, 2004

[Buy Modeselektor]
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2 Responses to “Eurocrunk is so hot right now!”

  1. Jolopee said

    TTC ❤

  2. BMW said

    Cool site! Helpful topic! 🙂

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