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Doing Morr, saying less

Posted by keepitcoming on January 18, 2006

In a nice opening salvo for 2006, Berlin-based Morr Music is about to release two albums worth of warm, fuzzy electronica. Come March, Ms. John Soda will release its second full-length Notes And The Like. Comparisons to Lali Puna are bound to abound, since the two projects share a label, a producer (Mario Thaler) and a member (Micha Acher). They are somewhat alike in sound too, though it isn’t that obvious on the blissful opening track posted below. You’ll find two other samples at A Boy And His Blog and Gorilla vs. Bear.

One month earlier, B.Fleischmann (B is for Bernard) releases The Humbucking Coil. Soul Seduction tells us that “the humbucking coil is a schizophrenic apparatus. A pick-up that eliminates the guitar’s usual interferences, its white noise, just by means of doubling them. Two electromagnetic coils turn each other mute. What solely remains is the pure sound of the vibrating string.” Though it’s less interesting and challenging than his previous work, there remains some moments of sheer prettiness.

Today’s heroes did collaborate in the past, on Morr Music’s Slowdive compilation hommage, Blue Skied An’ Clear, covering one of Neil Halstead’s songs.

  • B.Fleischmann & Ms. John Soda “Here She ComesBlue Skied An’ Clear, 2003

[Buy Ms. John Soda]
[Buy B.Fleischmann]
[Buy Blue Skied An’ Clear]

2 Responses to “Doing Morr, saying less”

  1. […] My third post was about two Morr Music releases, and it somehow seems appropriate to 'celebrate' Keep It Coming's four-month anniversary with even more Morr. Up next on their June release schedule are new recruits Couch and usual suspects Isan. Both deliver the standard Morr (who said MOR?) fare, with the Kitty-Yo expats leaning towards shoegazing while the veterans draw their gentle rhythmaps… […]

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