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Posted by keepitcoming on January 17, 2006

Lately, Jenny Wilson got some notice for a video of her and pal Robyn Carlsson covering Saul Williams’ “List Of Demands”, but she actually came into my world in October 2004, singing back-up vocals on a couple tracks off Songs From A Two-Room Chapel, a nordic americana record by fellow Swede Christian Kjellvander.

  • Christian Kjellvander “Broken WheelsSongs From A Two-Room Chapel, 2004
  • Christian Kjellvander “Log At 25Songs From A Two-Room Chapel, 2004

She then popped up again on The Knife’s 2004 LP, Deep Cuts, singing on “You Take My Breath Away” (no, not a cover of the love theme from Top Gun). The brother-sister duo, whose new effort Silent Shout is due soon, returned the favor and remixed the lead single for the thirty-year old mom’s first solo record (download a B-side on her site).

Released last year in her home country, Love And Youth is now more widely distributed, and it is much deserved. Enriched from past musical experiences, her universe is attractive and inviting. In love with her Juno keyboard, she makes it the basis of her sound, yet she’s unafraid of confronting it with other instruments, ignoring the basic principles and coming up with twelve songs where her sharp wit works wonders.

[Buy Christian Kjellvander]
[Buy The Knife]
[Buy Jenny Wilson]


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