Keep It Coming

the more, the merrier

Why keep it coming?

Posted by keepitcoming on January 16, 2006

Why create another music blog? Why launch one more? Just because I sometimes felt I could add something to the many blogs I read (almost) daily. This is not going to be about great statements or stunning revelations, just an eclectic music lover’s MP3 blog. The default tagline for this page was “Just another WordPress blog”. Well, if I managed to be just another blog compared to the ones listed in the blogroll, I’d be happy.

I don’t know how often this will be updated, as it is mostly a matter of something striking my fancy, but to kick things off, here are the two tracks which inspired me to christen this blog since they both contain the mantra of “keep it coming”.

[Buy Swayzak]
[Buy New Order]


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