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Featuring Feist (part 1)

Posted by keepitcoming on January 31, 2006

It’s almost two years to the day since I had the chance to sit down with Feist, and I still haven’t gotten over her. Back then, her record was still called Mushaboom and the running order was still being worked out, but I fell for it all the same. Now, countless posts have been written about her, but I thought I could add some to the heap, featuring tracks where she features. Here are some of her more bouncy contributions, with other kinds to follow in part 2 and maybe 3.

EDIT: I must point you to three excellent Feist remixes over at The Rich Girls are Weeping.

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[Buy Hypno Love]
[Buy Mocky]
[Buy The New Deal]

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La revancha de la revancha del tango

Posted by keepitcoming on January 30, 2006

Gotan Project is back! More than five years after their first 10″, they are at last delivering their second LP, Lunático, in April. Courtesy of February’s French Vogue, issue 864, here’s a sneak peek at what they have in store for us, still featuring the majestic vocal stylings of Cristina Villalonga:

  • Gotan Project “DiferenteLunático, 2006

Philippe Cohen-Solal, Christoph H. Müller and Eduardo Makaroff also released a few non-album tracks since 2001’s La Revancha del Tango, which I conveniently gathered for you. Two of these are covers (the Ry Cooder one is highly recommended for its baguala rhythm), and the other is an incomplete original from the Revancha sessions, later finished and released with the Inspiración Espiración DJ mix.

[Buy Gotan Project]

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Etoile Académie

Posted by keepitcoming on January 27, 2006

Who knew French real-TV programs could reveal some bona fide artists? Granted, these two may not suit everyone’s tastes, but I think they have that little something extra which sets them apart from the rest. Nolwenn Leroy got help from delicate songcrafter Laurent Voulzy and irresistible lyricist Alain Souchon on her second album, which resulted in this guilty pleasure of mine (listen to her fuck up at 3’26” or name-drop Jack Kerouac AND Bridget Jones), all 80’s radio pop meets pseudo-Enya vibes meets angelic choirs.

I was turned on to her by my brother, who also fell for another of these former wannabe stars. Here’s what he has to say about Olivia Ruiz: “Olivia Ruiz’s cute broken timbre of a voice finds an appropriate playground with “La petite voleuse”. Her tone fits perfectly its malicious character when singing the chorus: The little thief has only one law, what’s yours is mine. I would love to be her victim!”.

[Buy Nolwenn Leroy]
[Buy Olivia Ruiz]

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We Are Engineers

Posted by keepitcoming on January 26, 2006

Britsh band Engineers don’t do math-rock, they leave that to Battles. What they play is a cute kind of shoegazing-lite, one that had me hesitating buying their full-length for fear it might be too twee. Eventually I gave up, even splurging on their mini-LP, and I’m glad I did. Now you can sample their music, including an original, a remix and two covers. Enjoy!

Sign-up to their mailing list to get a free download for the B-side “Cats Of Justice”.

[Buy Engineers]

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Deutschland über alles

Posted by keepitcoming on January 25, 2006

When looking for good electronic music, turning to Germany is a safe bet. When looking for very good electronic music, sampling Kompakt‘s catalog is a surefire way to be satisfied. Next week sees the release of Victimizer (CD 048), Mikkel Metal‘s first long-player for the Köln label. Real name Mikkel Meldgaard, this Danish producer has a sound that reminds me of Underworld’s dubbiest moments.

  • Mikkel Metal “RainVictimizer, 2006
  • Mikkel Metal “KalugaVictimizer, 2006

Another fine import courtesy of Kompakt is Brazil’s Gui Boratto. Arquipélago is the fourth reference on the brand new K2 sublabel, and it is sure to please all Border Community fans with its slightly trancey flavour. It goes finely along with (no he’s not French) Patrick Chardronnet‘s latest 12″ on Connaisseur, nine and a half minutes of subtle digital bliss.

  • Gui Boratto “ArquipélagoArquipélago 12″, 2005
  • Patrick Chardronnet “Eve By DayEve By Day 12″, 2005

[Buy Mikkel Metal]
[Buy Gui Boratto]
[Buy Patrick Chardronnet]

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Samba esporte fino

Posted by keepitcoming on January 24, 2006

The release of Seu Jorge‘s The Life Aquatic Studio Sessions was a dream come true for those who had hunted high and low for his acoustic, Portuguese-language David Bowie covers. Soundtracks were bought, DVDs were ripped, letters were sent, and then it happened. But (there’s always a but), the CD version was missing one essential track, released only as an iTunes exclusive. I don’t know where that version comes from, as it is quieter than the rest, but it was worth tracking down as it perfectly compliments the disc.

  • Seu Jorge “Space Oddity… Performs David Bowie, 2005

Before Wes Anderson exposed him to public scrutiny, Seu Jorge was already an accomplished musician, having released two albums, including Cru (raw) in 2004. Here he tackles one of the few widely acknowledged musical geniuses from France, the late great Serge Gainsbourg.

[Buy Seu Jorge]

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Death is forthcoming

Posted by keepitcoming on January 23, 2006

Over at I Love Music, Jonathan Galkin from DFA announced a few exclusives:

  • the tracklisting for both upcoming DFA remixes compilation,

The DFA – Remixes Chapter One will be coming out in April.

CD Tracklisting:
Le Tigre / Deceptacon
Blues Explosion / Mars Arizona
The Chemical Brothers / The Boxer
Soulwax / Another Excuse
Radio 4 / Dance To The Underground
Fischerspooner / Emerge
Gorillaz / Dare
Metro Area / Orange Alert
Hot Chip / Just Like We (Breakdown)

2x 12″ Vinyl Tracklisting:
A Gorillaz / Dare
B Radio 4 / Dance To The Underground
C Le Tigre / Deceptacon & Metro Area / Orange Alert
D Blues Explosion / Mars Arizona

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Thirteen, now a number that saved you

Posted by keepitcoming on January 23, 2006

According to the BBC, “13 (Tzameti) is the debut film by Georgian-French filmmaker Géla Babluani, which won him the best debut award at the Venice film festival. It’s a pretty impressive debut, shot in atmospheric black and white and it’s a pleasingly tense thriller, which for a considerable time changes into a bit of a white knuckle ride.” I haven’t seen it yet, but I’ve heard its soundtrack which was composed by one half of Troublemakers under the pseudonym of East. If the pictures are on par with the music, this will be one hell of a film!

The second track reminded me of one piece of work that really surprised me last year, Maxence Cyrin’s Modern Rhapsodies. Published on Laurent Garnier’s F Communications label, this is a collection of solo piano performances of electronic music’s greatest hits. I know the concept sounds a little fishy, but just listen to these two excerpts, originally by Depeche Mode and Aphex Twin, and you’ll be won over.

[Buy East]
[Buy Maxence Cyrin]

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Eurocrunk is so hot right now!

Posted by keepitcoming on January 20, 2006

Simultaneously akin to grime, 8-bit and crunk, this peculiar blend is a many-headed beast. Three of its best representatives are gathered here today. From Germany, Modeselektor (BPitch Control). From Sweden, Stacs Of Stamina (Werk). From France, TTC (Big Dada). It’s a small, small world.

This track is evidence of eurocrunk’s dancefloor appeal. It’s so unstoppable that you don’t even have time to feel sorry for the chopped & screwed TTC. And Pitchfork gave them an 8.3.

Modeselektor “Dancingbox (feat. TTC)Hello Mom!, 2005

More fuck-upery from both sides, resulting in a bleep-and-nonsense-fest that’s hard to resist. Give me a fish, I say.

Stacs Of Stamina “Donne-moi un poisson (feat. TTC)Tivoli, 2005

As a bonus, here’s a guest-laden version of TTC’s biggest hit so far, their interpolation of “In Da Club” as seen from Paris, originally featured on the brilliant Bâtards sensibles. [Edit] You can find the original version at the ever-excellent Said the Gramophone.

TTC “Dans le club (All-Star Remix feat. Para One, Cyanure, Nikkfurie et Gérard Baste)“, 2004

[Buy Modeselektor]
[Buy Stacs Of Stamina]
[Buy TTC]

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Am I coming through?

Posted by keepitcoming on January 19, 2006

Richard Ashcroft‘s third solo album, Keys To The World, comes out next Monday. It’s already been the subject of several posts, including here, here and here. I haven’t been blown away by it, and I’m not a fan of the man, but I thought it’d be nice to reminisce about his best moments (according to me) without The Verve.

This is my favorite track of his, all 8 minutes of it, with some gorgeous guitar work. It opened his second LP, and that was a ballsy decision.

These are two vocal collaborations he did with dance music heavyweights, kind of a throwback but still fun to listen to, if only for the drama on display.

[Buy Richard Ashcroft]
[Buy The Chemical Brothers]

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