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The man with the red face

Posted by keepitcoming on July 18, 2006

All right, you win, I’m back. But don’t take this as a sign I’ll do everything you want me to, OK? Good. Now this is out of the way, let’s get on with the business at hand, namely music. There’s been plenty of while I was away, and there’s still a lot to come this summer, what with records leaking sooner and sooner… The track that made me want to get back into the groove is by the legendary Laurent Garnier. He’s a got a double-CD called Retrospective poised for release in September, some sort of of live-and-rare/best-of compilation. Not all tracks are must-haves, but there’s one that drove me and my friends crazy over the week-end, dancing round the pool, getting all red in the face (and everywhere else) from the sun. It’s a live take from 2002 featuring Bugge Wesseltoft and his band, and I daresay it’s better than the original. Sax is the new sex!

Since I’m a sucker for bonuses, here are a few more rare-ish live tracks by the former DJ Pedro:

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Fake Oddity, real audity

Posted by keepitcoming on June 2, 2006

I discovered this French band on TV, seeing the same show featuring a mesmerizing live performance broadcast over and over again. The thing was, I could never get their name. At long last, I figured it out (it's Fake Oddity), and now I'm more than happy to share this with you. While the first track is greatly indebted to Jeff Buckley (in a good way), the others stray from this inspiration but remain firmly rooted in rock'n'roll. That makes for a nice change. Have a good week-end!

  • Fake Oddity "Good Man" Pink Strasse, 2005
  • Fake Oddity "Blue Feather" Pink Strasse, 2005
  • Fake Oddity "LSDog" Pink Strasse, 2005

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Y’all ain’t ready for Para One

Posted by keepitcoming on June 1, 2006

I'm not dead, I'm just dead busy. I knew there would come a time when daily posting would be unsustainable, and this is now. I hope the few of you who read Keep It Coming regularly won't mind too much… Anyway, since it still is one of the best things I've heard this year and now that the release date is almost upon us, here's a quick Para One fix to follow up on my previous post. If you're not sold by the savage first single "Dudun-Dun" (featured on Music For Robots), the megamix preview should finally convince you. Since I'm in a good mood, I added two more remixes from the archive. Smile!

yay for 40,000 hits!
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The Chemical Brothers confront their demons

Posted by keepitcoming on May 24, 2006

Since my live Hot Chip promo and Chemical Brothers remixes posts were so successful, and since I won’t be back until next Tuesday, here’s another treat, one you can buy on eBay if you want (not my auction) or get for free here, a promotional DJ mix by The Chemical Brothers. I threw in a few of my favourite B-sides for good measure. Bye!

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Subtle’s woe be gone

Posted by keepitcoming on May 23, 2006

There's no way to be Subtle about this: "F.K.O." (mp3) stands for "Fuck Kelly Osbourne" (img). Now, since this is out of the way, let's focus on the latest offering from the Lex Records supergroup, Wishingbone. Although it's meant to tide us over until proper full-length For Hero, For Fool in the fall, it's much more than a stop-gap release, since it's mostly made up of remixes and alternate versions involving the likes of Mike Patton, Beck, Fog, Hrvatski or Ms. John Soda (plus three videos by mavericks SSSR). Most of all, it features contributions from keyboardist Dax Pierson. Dax was very badly injured in January 2005 when their tour van hit a patch of black ice and overturned on the highway. He's been paralysed ever since, making a slow but encouraging recovery. However, his medical bills are ginormous. That means you have at least two reasons to pick up this CD/DVD package once you've downloaded these tracks: a) because the music is good b) to help Dax pay for his healthcare.

Bonus repost:

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Niobe speaks in tongues

Posted by keepitcoming on May 22, 2006

Niobe‘s fourth LP was commissionned by Tomlab to contain songs. This may sound obvious, but given her previous output on both Tomlab and Sonig, it’s in fact rather interesting, as she chose to collaborate with various producers to fulfill the order. The result places somewhere between Dani Siciliano and Roisin Murphy, and ranks quite high on my 2006 list.

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Never trust a guy who’s never been a punk

Posted by keepitcoming on May 19, 2006

Frenchman Nicolas Kantorowicz is the link between two melting-pot projects, Williams Traffic and Sporto Kantès. Obviously very much influenced by “black music”, both rely heavily on a fusion of genres and eras for an often stunning result. Williams Traffic, which he formed with Frank Williams, is a more laidback affair, leaning towards reggae sounds. Sporto Kantès, where he fights with Benjamin Sportès (geddit?), is rather inspired by soul and funk, to devastating effects: try not to groove to “Lee”!

  • Williams Traffic “7th BaseBrian Dreams, 2006
  • Williams Traffic “Brian DreamsBrian Dreams, 2006
  • Williams Traffic “To Leave YouBrian Dreams, 2006
  • Sporto Kantès “Lee2nd Round, 2004
  • Sporto Kantès “Makaïn Muskil2nd Round, 2004
  • Sporto Kantès “Heart2nd Round, 2004

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Relax it’s only a phantom ghost

Posted by keepitcoming on May 18, 2006

Thies Mynther and Dirk von Lowtzow are Phantom/Ghost. Have no fear my friends, they are gentle spectres, nicer than Casper. No ball and chain for them, just exquisite delightful pain. Their third album will be out soon on Ladomat 2000, and it caught me by surprise. The theatrical antics are still there, but gone are the danceable rhythms of earlier records. Instead we get what sounds like a demented radio play, and Dirk’s dramatic vocals are perfect for this.

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The Complete Carl Craig

Posted by keepitcoming on May 17, 2006

OK, so the title is totally misleading, but I'm sure you'll forgive me after you've heard these. I wouldn't even call it a quick guide to Carl Craig, because he has released so much music under so many names… Today there are no exclusives, just music so good that it renders genre limitations void.

[Buy Carl Craig]

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Doing Morr, saying even less

Posted by keepitcoming on May 16, 2006

My third post was about two Morr Music releases, and it somehow seems appropriate to 'celebrate' Keep It Coming's four-month anniversary with even more Morr. Up next on their June release schedule are new recruits Couch and usual suspects Isan. Both deliver the standard Morr (who said MOR?) fare, with the Kitty-Yo expats leaning towards shoegazing while the veterans draw their gentle rhythmaps…

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